Our simple concept of reuniting charred wood and whiskey during its consumption, then expanding to wood tools for whiskey to heighten the experience without changing the whiskey. 

Wood for Whiskey

 The Ruggedly-Sophisticated

Telling our story through the design of uniquely signature items built for the Ruggedly-Sophisticated. 

A Whiskey Connection

Our equation to Whiskey Wood has always been this... 

(Inspiration + Motivation) x Collaboration = Innovation. 

This is our network of Crafters that help to make this happen. 

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Whiskey Stirrer from Whiskey Wood
Whiskey Wood Project Table
Charred Wood Knife Display
Whiskey Wood Decanter Tags
Whiskey Wood Charred Cherry Pen
American Flag Whiskey Wood Stirrer
Whiskey Wood Project Table 2
Boots Knife Project
Whiskey Wood & Campfire - The Idea
Friends Camping Whiskey Whiskey Wood
Whiskey Wood Cheers

Toast to all the Toast-able Moments we are given and the responsibility that comes with them...... Cheers!

The Start

Stirred not Shaken

 During a back packing trip in the Smokey Mountains of Western NC an idea struck. We sipped whiskey around a campfire and thought.... Charred Wood is what makes whiskey, so let's reunite the two and bring a campfire to every glass. After many tests and designs the "Whiskey Stirrer" was built. Whiskey's companion. 

The Story

Thank you - Have Fun, Respect Nature & Stay Ruggedly-Sophisticated

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